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Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Welcome to Bathound Fitness!

Congratulations, you have just taken the first step towards a healthier, more productive lifestyle. The fact that you have found your way to this page tells me one thing: you want to LEARN! Consider yourself in good company.

Our purpose is to promote the spread of knowledge among the fitness community and to compare/contrast various methods and ideas that people may have. The Internet is a battleground of opinions, where anecdotal evidence can outweigh facts based on how many “Likes” it gets. This paradigm hangs especially true in the world of fitness and training, where every trainer is sure their way is right and your way is wrong.

It’s time for a shift. No longer should we say “you’re wrong,” but rather ask why.

If you could shadow one of your own workouts in the gym from 5 years ago, I’m sure you would find plenty of “mistakes” in your routine that you have since moved past (And if not, you haven’t been learning). Yet back then, I’d bet you had a reason for everything you did.

Today, every other Instagram post you see begins by bashing an exercise or technique that half the population would swear by. The gym is and obstacle course of grey areas, from foot position while squatting to timing of nutrients post workout. Ask 10 trainers and you’ll get 10 answers, and it’s possible for all 10 to be right! Different bodies have different requirements.

Of course, maintaining proper form will always be paramount. There are certain principles regarding mechanics and physiology we all need to practice, but who’s to say there’s only one way to do an exercise? I say if you can justify it with logic or back your answer up with some good ol’ science, then go for it!

We are all here because we want to get better. That’s what fitness is; the art of improving your physical self. But if we do not do the MENTAL legwork first, your performance on leg day might not be all it could be.

Enter Bathound Fitness. I’m here to help shepherd you through the onslaught of fitness advice available today and promote every individual to achieve their maximum potential. Through critical thinking, intuitive reasoning, and practical applications, we will all get better together.

Always remember, “Smarter, Then Stronger”

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