What We Do


Athletic Training

Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC’s) are the frontline of defense against sport related injury.  Bathound Fitness provides sideline coverage for a variety of sports from rugby to beach volleyball. An ATC can assist with pre-game treatment and taping, acute injury management during play, and post-game recovery.  Having an ATC on site is IMPERITIVE for all sporting events, especially among youth leagues.  Their Lifesaving skills can help prevent a bad injury from becoming worse and make the world of sport a much safer place.

Personal Training

 With a focus on functionality, personal training with Bathound Fitness is an excellent way to move, look, and feel better.  All training programs are carefully planned and custom tailored to each individual and their specific needs.  Sessions may consist of soft tissue and mobility drills, a range of exercises for both strength and endurance, and core work.  You will learn how to perfectly perform a wide array of exercises and movement patterns, as well as why we do them and how to apply these skills to your daily activities.

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Sports Injury

Injury Rehab and Pain Management

Athletic injuries and musculoskeletal conditions have become much more commonplace as the general population becomes more active.  Physical therapy can be effective in early stages, but often does not go far enough and can be very costly.  Our custom training Begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your medical history and accounts for all these factors when designing your program.  By blending the fields of therapeutic exercise and fitness training, we can address the issues that are holding you back to help you recover and live pain free.

Workplace Mechanics

The modern workplace is a dangerous environment.  Prolonged sitting is proven to be associated with all-cause cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.  Our phones and computers constantly force us into poor posture which can have permanent repercussions.  Strain from long hours under pressure can have a serious impact on mental and physical health.  However, this doesn’t have to be the case for you.  There are simple interventions that can be taught which require little to no effort at all! We can provide imperative tips and tricks customized to your job, commute, and lifestyle.


Online Training

BatHound Fitness has marshalled together a library of online training resources to bring the gym right to your living room! These options include Online programming, Live streamed workouts and Virtual one-on-one sessions. Members are also eligible for our community resources and other virtual assets